Administration & Operations

Attendance & Visitation
The attendance and visitation ministry are to keep track of membership attendance and visit those who do not show up for recorded gatherings (worship and bible classes).
The security ministry provides security and alert monitoring outside of the building during assembly hours.
Finance & Administration
The purpose of the finance and administration ministry is to manage the financial accounts, finances, and bookkeeping of the church.  In addition to preparing and maintaining budgets for all the work of the church, it is responsible for managing the day to day, administration, such as membership attendance records, stationary, files, forms, mail, staples, and etc.
The purpose of the maintenance ministry is to oversee the physical structure of the building, grounds, and auxiliary properties.  This also, includes the janitorial of the building and up keep of the landscape.
The purpose of the Kitchen ministry is to oversee and maintain the kitchen, equipment, supplies, food & food preparation.
Dining Room
The purpose of the Dining Room ministry is to oversee and maintain the dining facility, equipment, supplies, and decorations.
The Purpose of the technology ministry is to maintain phone systems, computers, recommend, and create new cost-effective ways to enhance the technology of the congregation.  This ministry is also responsible for the congregation’s internet presences, website & social networks.
The purpose of the transportation ministry is to respond to, pick up, and drop off individuals wanting to attend services.  This also, includes the up keeping with the maintenance of the vehicles.